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Currently on the bench
The bench is clear awaiting the arrival of Arma's new P-39 Airacobra

United States Naval Ships

1/200 scale U.S.S. Arizona
USS Arkasnsas CGN-41
Fletcher Class Destroyer
Buckley Class Destroyer Escort
U.S.S. Massachusetts
U.S.S. Missouri
USS Mobile Bay CG-53
USS New York 1/350
USS Olympia
U.S.S. Seawolf, SSN-21
U.S.S. Saratoga, CV-60
U.S.S. Arleigh Burke

German Kriegsmarine

Bismark & Tirpitz, 1/700 Scale
DKM Graf Spee
DKM Graf Zeppelin
DKM Prinz Eugen
DKM Scharnhorst
Z-17 Diether Von Roeder
SMS König
SMS Seydlitz

Imperial Japanese Navy

IJN Kongo
IJN Mutsu (Nagato Class)
IJN Yamato1/200 scale
Restoration Project

Royal Navy
HMS Roberts

Austro-Hungarian Navy
Viribus Unitus

1/700 Ships

USS Massachusetts BB-2
USS Massachusetts BB-59
USS Massachusetts SSN798
USS New York 1/700
USS Hornet
USS Maryland
USS Arizona
HMS King George V
HMS Rodney
DKM Scharnhorst
USS Antietam CV-36
R.M. Littorio


M3A3 Bradley with Busk III
Tiger I's w/ interior (Early Production)
  1/48 Bandai & 1/25 Tamiya Circa 1970's
  1/35 Academy
Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. F/G
Panzer Kampfwagen III Ausf. F/G
Panzer Kampfwagen IV Ausf. B
Panzer Kampfwagen IV Ausf. J/H
Panzer Kampfwagen V Panther
Panzer Kampfwagen VI Ausf. B King Tiger

120mm Drill Sergeant & Pfeifer Boy

Revell 1969 Mustang Boss 302

Cave Dwellers
Visitor Submissions

1970 Dodge Challenger
The Ships of Jim Elchek
The Aircraft of Jack Ryan


F-86 Sabre
F6F-3 Hellcat VF-27 1/72
F6F-5N Hellcat Night Fighter VF(N)-103/VF(N)-90 1/72
F-4J Phantom II VF 103 Sluggers 1/72
F-8E Crusader VF 103 Sluggers 1/72
F-14 Tomcat VF 103 Sluggers 1/72
F-14 Tomcat VF 103 Sluggers 1/48   still on the bench
F-14 Tomcat VF 143 Pukin' Dogs 1/48
F-15 Eagle, circa 1975
F-16 Fighting Falcon
P-39, P-51, ME-109F,   Monogram classics,circa 1975
P-47D Razorback Thunderbolt
He162-A2 Salamander
Junkers Ju-87B-2/R2 Stuka
Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7/B Jabo
Focke Wolfe FW-190A-5/U7 Graf Special
Focke Wolfe FW-190A-8 Josef Priller 1/48
Focke Wolfe FW-190A-8 Josef Priller 1/72
P-39D Airacobra Kitty Hawk, 1/32nd
P-39D Airacobra Special Hobby 1/32 !! New !!
P-39K Airacobra Eduard 1/48
P-39Q Airacobra Hasegawa 1/48
P-39D Airacobra 1/72nd
P-59A/B Airacomet 1/72nd
P-63 King Cobra 1/72nd
Bell XFL-1 Airabonita 1/72nd

Product Reviews & Previews
Take it or leave it, the comments here are strictly my opinion,
(and you know what they say about opinions)
I do this for fun and receive no compensation from anyone I might mention on this site.
Arma Hobby
1/72nd Aircraft

KA Models DX Pack
MD2001 U.S.S. Arizona

Veteran's Models
Kriegsmarine 20mm Flak-Vierling C35
Kriegsmarine 37mm FLAK Doppel C30

USS Missouri, "Modeler's edition", 1/700
F-8E VF-162 "The Hunters", 1/72
Academy USMC F4-J's, 1/72

Hobby Boss
SMS Seydlitz, 1/350

Richeleiu 1/700

U.S.S. Kansas & U.S.S. Nebraska, Resin Ship Kits
Battleship Espaňa & Pre-dreadnaught Brandenburg

Very Fire (now Blue Ridge Models)
VF700902 U.S.S. Louisiana &
VF700001 Montana Class Battleship Detail up set

VF700906 German H Class Battleship H-39 &
VF700006 German H Class Battleship H-39 Detail up set

USS Arkansas CGN-41

P-39 Airacobras
Kit comparison,
Hasegawa, Monogran & Eduard

F-14 Tomcats
Kit Comparison,
Italeria, Academy, Hasegawa

Aires Resin Detail Parts
4523   F-16C Falcon Block 25/32 Cockpit
4387   F-16C Falcon Block 25/32 Exhaust
4370   F-16C Falcon Wheel Bays
4124   F-14 Tomcat Cockpit Kit

Decal sets
Afterburner Decals
VF103 Sluggers, 48-071
Printscale Decals
F-4 Phantoms of the Navy

Revell 1969 Boss 302 Mustang

Rye Fields Models
Tiger I Pz.kpfw. VI Ausf.E 1943
Panther Pz.kpfw. V Ausf. G
Sturmmörserwagen (Sturm Tiger)

Tacom Models
Tiger II Pz.kpfw. VI Ausf. B, Sd.Kfz.182

Friulmodel Tracks
ATL-25 Tiger I Early Track Set

The Toolbox
Information I find useful, hopefully you will too

Drill Sizes
This is a cross reference of drill bits to U.S. and Metric sizes

Scale Conversion Table
For converting one scale to another

Paint issues
Why don't the colors match?

About me...
I've been building models since the early 60's with a side journey into the realm of real life, wife and children. I decided to get back into the hobby after an overnight trip with the Cub Scouts to the U.S.S. Massachusetts prompted me to buy the old Revell kit that's now only available in the Battleship's gift shop.
I was amazed at how far the industry had come since the days when after market parts amounted to a set of decals or if you were lucky, a set of Cragar rims from my friend Jimmy's parts box. I was even more amazed at how high prices had risen since the days of Fitt's Photo and Hobby where a car would cost 2.25 and a Tamiya Tiger I was a whopping 6.95. I pulled out all the old stuff stuck up in the attic and set up on top of the washing machine in the cellar. Just this one kit I told the Missus.
Well, The flame was re-lit... The top of the washer grew to an ever expanding corner in the family room, a spray booth in the garage and a display case full of ships, planes and tanks.
And now, like many of us, I buy 'em faster than I build 'em and I have multiple levels of insanity
OOB, straight out of the Box
JAR, just about right, some Photo etch maybe brass barrels
OTT or Over the top. Wooden deck , Lots of Photo Etch and Brass Barrels (Usually involving very expansive upgrade sets)
ODE or off the deep end. Throw in a Pontos set, the veterens model
WWT or What was I thinking?

These are some of the kits I've built over the last few years. I took a lot of photo's while building them but alas, the Memory stick I was storing them on was damaged and the cloud inadvertently evaporated

I hope you enjoy my stuff. feel free to E-mail your comments and even some of your work and I'll post them here

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