ManCave Modeler presents...
Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7/B Jabo
Hasagawa models, 1/48 scale

Bf109E-4/B : Luftwaffe Stab II./JG54 Code: 15+ Romania early 1941


The Kit
This is another one of those Limited Edition Kits that Hasegawa puts out.
The bright and colorful paint job will stand out on the shelf next to all the navy gray and olive drab that lives there now.

I don't build a lot of Aircraft, but on occasion they're a nice diversion from some of the large warship projects I undertake.
This is my first attempt at working with resin upgrades and regardless of the outcome it will be a learning experience

The Verlinden kit consisted of a bag of resin parts, a sheet of Photo etch and Instruction sheet.
I used most of the parts with the exception of the Radios in the aft section of the fusilage. The parts went together without too many issues once I had the proper tools and a little experimentation. I added hoses and pipes to the engine and some other minor details to the cockpit
In hindsight which we all know is 20/20, I should have thinned the wall of the fusilage around the engine cover


Products used in Construction

Verlunden 384 Bf-109 Super Detail Set
Master model AM48009 Bf 109 E3-E9, armament set
      (MG 17 tips, MG FF barrels)

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