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Tiger 1 tanks
Tamiya, 1/24 & Bandai 1/48 scale. circa 1972-1974
Both built right out of box prior to the advent of aftermarket parts
and have survived several moves, the ravages of times and the destructive power of a 5 year old.


The Bandai kits of the 70's were pretty well detail for their time. I know by today's standards they've been dismissed for inaccuracies by some, but as I recall their product line was as extensive as Tamiya's and took up a lot less space on the shelf or in a diorama. All of the Bandai kit came with a complete interior.
This kit showed signs of 3 paint schemes, panzer gray, white washed and finally the camo it now wears

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This is the original Tamiya 1/24th Tiger Tank. At the time I believe it was the only Tank available in 1/24th scale soon to be followed by the Panther and Jadgpanther and if I recall, a Russian Su-100 and T-34.
It was well detailed for it's time and like the 1/48'th Bandai kit, came with an interior


An excellent website for information on The Tiger I tank

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