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Combrig Resin Ship Kits

These are resin kits produced in Russia. They cover an interesting array of ships ranging from the late 19th century up through World War 1, most of which are generally not available in plastic kit form. Many of these ships also tend to be substantially smaller than their dreadnaught brethren so don't be surprised when it arrives in a box the size of an index card as I was.

These resin kits require a different skill set than plastic kits. The parts are much more crisp than polystyrene but they's also more brittle and can be easily broken. They require much more cleaning and trimming and may take several attempts to trim to the correct size. Another difference is the adhesive, these require either epoxy or cyanoacrylate adhesives or my latest favorite, gorilla glue in the gel form.
These kits also have relatively few parts and rely on Photo etch and some scratch building for detail

I've picked up a few of these kits to build, whether or not I have the patience and skills to build them remains to be seen, but I was able to finish the Massachusetts (BB-2) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed

These kits have several extra parts that are for use in other ships of the class, and since combrig is kind enough to put their instruction sheets on their website, you may be able to change which ship of the class you're building
The American ships ships were part of the "Great White Fleet" but neither come with the bow shields carried during the cruise and so prevalent prior to the addition of the cage masts.
Another item missing from these kits are handrails, remember to add a set to your order and maybe stairs and ladders as well

The images shown below don't represent all the parts in the kits
Click to enlarge

Kansas (top) & Nebraska (bottom)


U.S.S. Nebraska, BB-14
1/700 scale

The decks are scored the length of the hull to simulate planks but not cross scored to simulate individual planks.
The upper decks are the same. Should you choose to invest in the wood deck, it won't be an issue. The upper decks and plarforms come on a sheet with an easily trimmed thin flash

One very distinct and unique characteristic of this class were the twin centerline turrets with 8" turrets superimposed on the top of the 12" main turrets.
Since the 8-inch guns could not be fired independently without interfering with the main armament, this arrangement proved to be a failure.



This kit has a wood deck available and difference between the 12"/45 and the /40 brass barrels would be negligable

U.S.S. Kansas, BB-21
1/700 scale

This class had a more traditional arrangement of centerline main and secondary armament amidship


There is no wooden deck available at this time, but there are 12"/45 barrels available

New additions to the retirement stash...

1913 Spanish Battleship
1/700 scale



1893 German Pre-Dreadnaught
1/700 scale





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