ManCave Modeler presents...
Diether von Roeder

Zvezda, 1/350

The Kit...

The kit comes with 5 spues and a base molded in medium gray. The Hull is split along the keel and there are score marks for cutting the kit down to the waterline or adding the pedestals. Four cross braces add internal strength and the three part deck tightens it all up.

The open back turreted main guns come in four pieces including the breech block. The barrels are not "slide molded" so you might want to drill the muzzels or get aftermarket Brass barrels. The 37 mm guns consist of a five piece assembly lacking much detail, but will work for most people.

Sorely lacking in this kit is even the slightest amount of Photo etch. Plan on picking up a set of railings, and maybe some doors, hatches and cable reels.


The Build...
Pretty simple build, All the parts went together well with no flash that I needed to remove and no ejector pin marks to hide. There's a platform on the back of the aft funnel that's left empty, Good spot for a search light or additional Flak unit, and I can't find and really clear photos of the area.


The ship was painted overall RAL7001 Hellgrau 50KMS with Dunkel Blaugrau decks, Oxide Red Hull
again, pretty straight forward...
I only painted the portholes on one side.. They just really looked too big, so I can display the ship on either side as I feel the need.


Final Thoughts...

A kit in need of a PE set and other aftermarket parts.
As I've said before, I'm not a rivet counter, but this one has some glaring issues. The Portholes on the hull look rather oversized, and there's no life rafts and or funnel caps. In spite of these issues, this kit does have a lot of potential. Veteran Models makes some 37mm Flak guns and another set with deck details, several companies make railings and hopefully I saved some floats from some other German ship kit

Photo's doen't lie department...
I hate it when I miss stuff. several spots I missed mold lines,or sprue attachments spots and it looks like I completely forgot to paint the torpedo tubes

My two cents worth

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Last Updated November 15, 2020