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McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle
555th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, Luke AFB
Tamiya 1/48 scale. circa 1975

Produced back in the mid 70's, this is the original Tamiya F-15 Eagle kit.
This kit was the beat all-end all kit of the F-15 in it's day.
There were two versions of the kit available, the standard A Model and the "Streak Eagle" which was used to set many altitude and speed records.

This kit was built straight out of box since PE and resin after market parts just didn't exist at the time
One of the nice little featured this kit had were wire supports inside the landing gear struts. I wish more kits had this simple little feature.
The photo (above) of the actual aircraft shows it painted in Air Superiority Blue but this one is painted in Poly-S Light and dark Ghost Gray and clear coated with the old Pactra Flats. Sadly the decals have yellows over the years and some of the missiles have lost their fins

Like some of the other kit's I've posted on this site, it has survived the ravages of time, several moves and the destructive power of young kids.


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Last Updated October 25, 2017