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Kriegsmarine 20mm Flak-Vierling C35

Not for the feint of heart

The first time I opened this kit I wondered, what was I thinking?
Inside the box is the usual Veteran's Instruction page along with two bags of parts, Resin and gun barrels and 2 sheets of photo etch.
Once I got past the intimidating size of the parts, they went together fairly easily. with a minimal amount of flash to clean off

The parts in this kit are incredibly small and easily lost when dropped but if you're like me and enjoy building the extreme details then the results are worth it when compared to the kit parts.

One thing you will need is a #92 drill bit to deepen the sockets for the gun barrels. Strongly recommended since they have a tendency to fall off if the socket isn't deep enough

Another necessity are some very fine tip surgical tweezers both the clamp type and normal type



Kriegsmarine 37mm FLAK Doppel C30

(working on this one)






More to come

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Last Updated January 26, 2018