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U.S.S. Massachusetts

1/700 Blue Ridge Models

The Kit...
This is the first ship of my U.S.S. Massachusetts Trilogy
There aren't a large number of American Pre-dreadnoughts on the market and those that are available are all resin, and a little more expensive than plastic kits of the same scale.
This kit is a special addition limited to 250 kits, complete with wood decks and brass barrels, packed in a foam lined box. After opening the box I was surprised at the small size of this ship, forgetting how small these ships were compared to the dreadnoughts and super-dreadnoughts that succeeded it.

The hull details are pretty good, but there is a littler but of cleanup involved. The sprue's with the smaller parts have quite a bit of flash that will require cleanup.
This kit is for definitely for advanced modelers and requires a different skill set, but for relatively short money, (by resin kit standards) it looks to be a good place to start

Comparative sizes, U.S.S. Massachusetts BB-2, U.S.S. New York BB-34 and U.S.S. Massachusetts BB-59

This is for the most part my first full resin kit so it will be interesting how I manage to mess it up

The Build...
There's a little cleanup involved at the waterline but it went pretty smooth. Prior to painting, the Tertiary armament mounts needed to be drilled out requiring a #80 drill. Entire hull was primed light grey prior to the top coat. The buff is too light, but it was the closest I could find. The steel areas on the deck which appear to be muzzle blast areas I painted haze gray.
The wood decks that come with the kit are a perfect fit and leave space for the PE handrails.


Once the decks were installed, I installed the the braces and the cowl vents. The Center walkway was warped so I installed it before adding the wood deck. Once dry and decked over, I began installing the PE handrails. These are extra fine and easly distorted so after a half hour or so, I removed the 2 aft vents
Hindsight being 20/20, I should have installed the handrails before the stacks and cowl vents

The hull is white, pretty straight forward but I was unable to find the Spar Buff that was prevalent at the time so I used a color called ochre. It's a little light but it works for me.

U.S.S. Massachusetts' BB-2, BB-59, SSN798


Final Thoughts...

I like this kit. Even though I've worked with resin cockpits, the materials and the small size made it challenging. Though it doesn't look like there's a lot of parts, there's a ton of photo etch that take the place of part normally found in a Plastic kit. The extra fine handrails took a little getting use to. There are lots of extra parts which might be for the Indiana (BB-1)

The instructions are pretty general and don't give you alot of the detail so plan on doin a little research. there are some decent photos at
It's a limited edition, so I'll have to get another while they last.

My two cents worth

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Last Updated April 14, 2020