ManCave Modeler presents...
Type 1936A (Mob)

Dragon, 1/350

The Kit...

The kit comes with 14 spues, the upper hull and a base molded in medium gray and 3 small sheets of Photo etch.
Several of the sprues are wrapped in foam to protect the many small and delicate parts.
many of them are "slide molded" which allows for added detail such as superstructure details, Ships boats and hollow gun barrels. The molds are crisp and clean with little flash, mold or ejector pin marks


Photo Etch
The three sheets of PE contain small parts for the the 20 and 37mm batteries, hatches for all the doors which can be open or closed, air vents and the matress radar
the kit does not include handrails, so plan on adding some to your order or the small upgrade set available


The Build...
A few build photos


The ship was painted overall RAL7001 Hellgrau 50KMS with Dunkel Blaugrau camouflage decks, Oxide Red Hull
again, pretty straight forward...

with Z-17 'Dieter von Roeder'

Final Thoughts...
This is the first Dragon kit I've purchased and was thoroughly impressed. Everything fit extremely well. The outstanding detail on superstructure and even the small details on the 20 and 37mm flak guns was a pleasant surprise, but the small size of some of the PE was a little duanting the first time out. Railings round out this kit nicely but throw in Brass Barrels and a PE set to complete this kit for relatively short money

My two cents worth

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Last Updated November 25, 2014