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Drill Sergeant & Pfeifer Boy
Verlinden 120mm Scale

Every now and then I do something just a little something different... This is one of those times
I've done 54mm and 77mm figurines in lead in the past and still have a large box full of them somewhere. This set is 120mm cast resin from the late great Verlinden line. The detail and casting quality is far superior to the lead figurines of the past. They require more triming than the lead figurines do but don't require a metal primer.

At 120 mm (1/16 scale) these figurines are pretty substantial and don't get lost on the shelf.

Pfiefer Boy

Drill Seargent

I ended up using mostly craft acrylics to paint this kit, they seemed to cover better, and worked as a nice primer for the enamels I used for uniform trim.



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Last Updated December 10, 2020