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U.S.S. Seawolf, SSN-21    
1/144 Scale

The Ship:

The Seawolf Class was conceived as a faster, more capable and heavily armed replacement for the Los Angeles Class attack submarines.
Launched in June 1995, the U.S.S. Seawolf was the first of 29 planned Seawolf Class fast attack Submarines. The primary mission of these ships was to destroy Soviet ballistic missile submarines before they could attack American targets.
With the end of the cold war, and the Soviet threat diminished, the planed construction was reduced to 12 ship and eventually to 3 ships.

The third ship of the Class, the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter included a section known as the Multi-Mission Platform (MMP) and is roughly 100 feet longer than the other two boats of her class.

Type:Seawolf-class submarine
Displacement:8,600 tons surfaced
9,138 tons submerged
Length:353 ft
Beam:40 ft
Draft:36 ft
Speed:18 knots surfaced
25 knots submerged
Complement:120 officers and enlisted men
8 × 660 mm torpedo tubes
Tomahawk land attack missile
Harpoon anti-ship missile
Mk 48 guided torpedo

The Build:

Inside the rather large box are a minimal number parts(47), but that's to be expected, There's not a lot of detail on modern day submarines. At 1/144th, the size is impressive, 29 inches(approximately the same as the 1/350 missouri). I was expecting this to be a quick build and with so few parts, but that ended quickly.


The top and bottom hull pieces were a bear to assemble, Partly due to the sheer size but there was also a fit issue, the top half seemed to be just a tad longer than the lower half. It ended up taking a few hours to assemble these two pieces, a few inches at a time. When I added the nose section, there was that gap that needed to be filled.
Other than that, the kit has gone together with relative ease, there was minimal flash on a couple parts and a little stretched sprue took care of the gap on the bottom.

Final Thoughts...

A decent kit at a reasonable price that looks impressive on the shelf..
Younger modelers may have a fit trying get the two large hull halves together and the paint scheme is up to the builder. You will find photo's of this ship painted overall flat black, with multiple shades of charcoal gray, and with or without Oxide Red antifouling.
I chose to Mask off large areas, but an overall black semi-gloss spray bomb should look just as good sitting on the shelf

My two cents worth

Colors list
Nose, 37038 Flat black
Topside 27038 Semi-Gloss Black
Mid Hull 37031 Dk Gray
Hull bottom, Oxide Red

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Last Updated August 2 2018