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1/200 Nichimo Models
Restoration Project

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I built two of these beasts back in the late 1970's when there was no such thing as aftermarket parts
Both were radio controlled with working guns. This is the sole survivor, It's sister ship having been attacked and sunk by a couple of canadian geese in a local pond.
This one has been sitting on a shelf in the garage for many years, collecting a thick layer of dust and damage from several address changes, kids and pets. The masts are all broken and the crane on the stern is nowhere to be found.

Since I doubt she will ever put to sea again I'll be removing the radio gear, motors and 40 or so pounds of lead inside the hull.

The first issue is the dirt, dust and grime. I cleaned the Secondary turrets with soap and water and they it still looked a little "weathered" so I might end up repainting the entire ship.

Products I hope to use in the Restoration
MASsm200004 1/200 Master Models IJN 10cm/65 (3.9in) Type 98 barrels
VTW20045 Veteran Models IJN Type 96 25mm Triple AA Guns
VTW20047 1/200 Veteran Models IJN Type 96 25mm Single AA Guns
And assuming I can find the
Gold Medal Models Photo etch set
Wooden deck

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